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Quantum Core Public School believes that learning best occurs in a supportive, nurturing environment with parents and students as involved stakeholders. Students have access to Common Core State Standards curriculum, taught by committed and data-driven teachers, as well as project-based learning experiences to supplement the learning process. Quantum Core students will read and comprehend early so that they will have success in high school and beyond.

The Quantum Core Public School learning model blends traditional classroom-based learning such as direct interactive instruction and personalized learning with project-based learning in a manner that is tailored to the needs and interests of all students.


  • That students thrive in a caring community.

  • That all students have unlimited potential to succeed.

  • That social-emotional learning and character education are critical.

  • That learning should be authentic, creative, meaningful, and rigorous.

  • That it is vital for teachers to have time to collaborate with colleagues and parents.

  • That students who read and comprehend by third grade are successful in high school and beyond.

  • That parents play an essential role in their children’s education as active and integral members of the school community.

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